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We Love Art are Lee (artists’ printer and painter) and Tom (art collector and wannabe artist).

It all began when we had an idea to brighten up a rather dull bus station in Malvern, Worcestershire.

We were chatting over a cuppa about how we’d love to do some street art in the town. An idea was born and, a few months later, we headed to the bus stop early on a Sunday morning.

We put our plan into action – installing the three prints and stencil we’d created featuring famous local composer Edward Elgar. Then the police turned up.

The piece was supposed to be anonymous but the trouble with being caught by the police is that they want your names. Fortunately, they were very understanding.

And the public reaction to the piece was amazingly positive too. The next few days were pretty hectic with everybody wanting to talk to us. So although we failed at being anonymous, the piece itself was a big success.

Since then we’ve been busy working on commissions and testing out new pieces.

We went in at the deep end but we love every minute of it. We love art.

10% of profits go toward a selection of charities for animal welfare and enviromental organisations including Compassion in Animal Farming, RSPCA, Greenpeace, The Woodland Trust and many others as we like to mix it up a little.